I’ve just ordered a new sat-nav toy, a Garmin Nuvi 255 WT. I found this same model in Poland at GPS24 site. Amazing price difference between ordering from and buying here in Warsaw. In the UK the 255WT model will cost you 753 PLN and here in Warsaw it will cost 1,024 PLN. That’s a 36% increase in price! Whether you buy here or UK doesn’t affect the usability, or the mapping so it’s just one of those things that makes life in Poland not as cheap as some might imagine.

The whole electronics market in Warsaw pisses me off big time. All we have is a (limited) choice of old models at inflated prices. Why can’t Poland have the same choices and prices as the UK?

We’ll be testing the Garmin out on our forthcoming sightseeing trip to the UK. This is planned to take in North Wales, the Lake District and a whole bunch of other places I’ve forgotten how to get to. After that, Marta will have a run with it around Warsaw and then in August we’ll try out its Spanish capabilities. Should be fun!

If anyone is interested in a review after use, let me know.

Note: Amazon will only ship to a UK address, which is not an issue for me (parents), but then again, it’s probably not an issue for most Poles these days either. You can use a Polish credit card to pay and a Polish invoice address, but the ship-to address must be in the UK.


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