Euro 2008 – where to focus?

Just watched Germany do what I thought they might do to Turkey. A good game and all credit to the Turks, they had ze Germans rattled for most of the game but, underestimate ze Germans at your peril. I think they’ll face Russia in the final and, well, who knows, but I think the Russians have the same energy as the Turks but more skill, especially in defence.

Anyway, I came here to say the problem with Euro 2008 is knowing what to focus on:


THE BEER? (this one is very good by the way, best I’ve found in Poland. Tasty, good strength and not much gas. Thanks to “Graham the English teacher” for putting me onto it.)



2 thoughts on “Euro 2008 – where to focus?

  1. Isn’t she German?

    Could she be one of the WAGS? We noticed this particular Fraulein took the fancy of the cameraman throughout the whole game!

    Noticed he wasn’t focused on the goal at this point too…

    Is this three different beers? or the same one? be honest…drowning your sorrows by any chance? ;)

  2. One year, during Euro 2004, I went to several beer and liquor stores (gov’t regulated sellers – no grocery store buying in this area) and collected one beer from every country participating. I drank the beer from the country that won the day in celebration. France was difficult, so had to resort to wine. Anyway, it wash a very enshoyable matsch ash I recall.

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