Been told to “get a life”? Here’s one going cheap!

I love all these silly things one finds when meandering through the byways of cyberspace.

There’s this guy, Ian Usher, who for reasons best known to himself (could be any of – divorce, mid-life crisis, general inability to grow roots) has put his entire life up for sale on eBay Australia.

The Grauniad picked up the story and that was my starting point. The story mentions that bidding is up to almost A$1.7 million whereas the value of his house (by far the biggest asset) is a mere A$420,000. I was shocked at this apparently over-excited interest in what looks like a good attempt to get quickly richer-than-I-should-be and so I clicked the link to visit his “home page”.

I couldn’t help noticing that the highest bid, at the time I visited was only $160,000 and so checked out the bid history to see what was going on. Sadly for Mr. Usher, the numerous million-dollar bids proved to be not genuine, placed before eBay could deal with the pre-registration issues. Many others have been withdrawn claiming that they “typed the wrong amount”.

In the course of the last few hours, bidding has moved up from the $160,000 to $300,100, a big improvement but still probably way short of what it is all worth if sold individually. Of course, a life, friends and trial run as a rug shop assistant are invaluable, so we’re only really talking about the house, bike, car and the old socks, fungus in the bathroom, unpaid bills, junk mail.

Be interesting to see where the bidding ends up. I have a horrible feeling the winner will be a television producer of the John de Mol persuasion. God help us.

EDIT – Here’s the end of the story. The final price was $399,300.


One thought on “Been told to “get a life”? Here’s one going cheap!

  1. Did you see any of my old post’s part 1 or 2 or 3?
    Doing the research for it, I found things really bizarre. (Read: human).

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