Anyone for a Turkey vs Russia final?

I had to switch my computer on specially to say what a stunning performance from the Russians! I really can’t remember when I’ve seen such exciting play from a national team.

The Dutch looked all out of ideas as the young Russians tore holes through their defence, especially the left side. Arshavin was being compared to Zidane by the Polish commentators and they’re not wrong. It’s early days, but that kid has to be the best footballer in the world right now. His stock has probably risen at least €20 million in just the last two matches. Pavlyuchenko too deserves credit but the whole team is just shockingly good.

Their defence stopped everything the Dutch tried to do. Their movement is superb, their vision is amazing with frighteningly quick thinking and the skill when they have the ball………. I could go on all night. Amazing amazing stuff.

Just take their second goal as an example. Arshavin had the ball running down the left wing (he seems to be everywhere!) and looking around him he finds he’s basically on his own with a bunch of Dutch defenders. Does he stop and diddle about until people catch him up, hell no, he just keeps running straight at (and past) the Dutch all the way to the goal-line where he turns and drifts a cross over to the far post where Torbinski taps it in past a flailing van der Sar. Audacious, spectacular!

I read a story that he’s coming to the Premier League next season, Tottenham it said. I hope he does come to the Prem but to bloody Spurs!

The Dutch made everyone else look second rate before today and this evening, the Russians made the Dutch look third rate. Admittedly, it all came a bit late in the game but that’s another match with a blockbuster finish.

The Russians will miss Torbinski and Kolodin in the semi final. I really hate this ridiculous rule they have about missing the next game if you accumulate two yellow cards. It wouldn’t be so bad but the cards are being handed out like sweets at a kids party. Red card, sure, but two yellow cards, even with a clean game in-between them? I understand they have dropped this rule for the semis to avoid anyone missing the final. They should just drop it altogether.

If they can keep this up, I can’t see anyone beating them. Ever! :)

This team is going to win the next World Cup. Put money on it, now!


3 thoughts on “Anyone for a Turkey vs Russia final?

  1. A great game – I agree Russia were outstanding.

    You really want to go up against them in the final?!

    I’m sure Germany would give them a much better fight ;)

  2. Boniek made the comment at half time that every team that had changed its starting squad had lost and wondered if the Dutch would suffer the same fate and quod it turned out erat clearly demonstrandum.

    Have to say I agree that Russia was awefully good in defence and Holland seemed like a scratched record repeating the same form of attack all the time i.e. holding the ball outside the area to pass back for a shot. They were constantly being stopped with very sharply timed footwork. Only when they actually got round to getting some crosses in did their goal happen.

    On a higher note “Come on you Spurs!!”

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