Toilet intelligence

This lunchtime, I got to wondering how many great ideas of our time were conceived whilst sitting on the toilet?

The germ of the question came from a conversation about fashion sense, which was in turn sparked by a lady in the stołówka queue who quite obviously had none. You will immediately know that there were ladies in the lunch party as a bunch of men would never notice or care about such things!

My response was that my entire understanding of the worlds of fashion, celebrities & make-up comes from the serendipitous co-positioning of my wife’s magazines with our toilet. Although this may be considered too much information, I’m not one of those who considers a trip to the toilet to be in any way recreational, educational nor entertaining. It is therefore over and done with pretty quickly, leaving very little time to improve my understanding of key issues such as; why Gwyneth Paltrow needs to wear such high heels, why Marcin Meller left dzień dobry TVN or which cream is going to make me look more like George Clooney.

I managed to find an old survey from 2003, that placed sitting on the toilet as only the third best “idea-friendly” time:

In our survey of 2500 executives, the top 10 “idea-friendly” times were:

10.Cutting the grass.

9. Listening to a church sermon.

8. Waking up in the middle of the night.

7. Exercising.

6. Reading.

5. During a boring meeting.

4. Falling asleep or waking up.

3 Sitting on the toilet.

2. Driving.

1. Taking a bath of a shower.

Worth noting that this was an American survey and might therefore have been influenced by Alan Greenspan’s quote that “My best thinking about the future of the economy occurs while I’m soaking in the bath tub.”. Lucky him, I don’t even fit in our bath tub, which was clearly designed for short supermodels like the rest of my family! Still, we’re moving on August 1st and I do fit in the new bath tub – so watch out, ideas will be flowing soon! (I should note that I do have a morning shower every day, just in case anyone started sniffing)

So, if there actually is something behind the concept of ‘toilet intelligence’, does that mean that when H. G. Wells said “Human history is in essence a history of ideas.”, what he really meant was “Human history is a load of old crap.”? Are there areas of your knowledge or skill base that are totally dependent on you going to the toilet?

4 thoughts on “Toilet intelligence

  1. No no no no no, unless I’m much mistaken Thomas Crapper was the inventor of the flushing toilet. Prior to then humankind had quite a few millenia of crapping in the ol’ fashioned way and had plenty of time to think of new inventions and ideas. In fact lots of houses in Poland still have outhouses into the present day, where all the fumes can be dispersed to the winds much more quickly. Perhaps the reason for the industrial revolution is that having toilets indoors meant the user was much more likely to be overcome by mind effecting gases.
    So perhaps Crapper was the indirect cause in as much that prior to him man s(h)at outside and thought, whilst post Crapper he s(h)at indoors and got giddy thoughts :)

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