Bedtime stories for a 5yr old

While we’re on the subject of books, I wonder if anyone has some good advice on books for 5yr olds?

We read to Zosia every night and I get more than my fair share of turns, which is nice but one runs out of books eventually. She’s at the age now where she needs books with a good balance of story (words) and pictures. All pictures and few words was good when she was younger but boring now. Books with all words and very few pictures tend to make her lose concentration and she enjoys the “can you see a monkey on this page?” games too much. Funnily enough, she’s okay with no pictures if I’m just making the story up myself and not reading from a book.

So, in case anyone else has the same problem here are a few of her favourites so far:

Anything by Julia Donaldson (best with Axel Scheffler) – The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom, Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book and so on.


The Three Little Witches – by Georgie Adams and Emily Bolam


The Princess and the Pea – by Lauren Child and Polly Borland


Then there is an assortment of others such as Jungle Book, Lion King, Under The Ground and other small classics, Disney or otherwise.

She’s not a fan of anything by Dr. Seuss. Obviously a smart kid!

You can imagine that if I read 4-5 nights a week then this small collection is not going to go too far, even if she does want Three Little Witches for the fifth night running.

I resolved to write my own stories and I’ll plonk one on here when it’s done, just for a laugh, but in the meantime, does anyone have any good recommendations?

At what age do pictures become unimportant, I wonder?

6 thoughts on “Bedtime stories for a 5yr old

  1. when I was young i liked

    -Gulliver’s Adventures
    -Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales
    -Astrid Lindgren’s Pipi Langstrumpf
    -Walt Disney’s books
    …and some others.

    but i think Zosia knows all of them

    Maybe you should search on the internet. There should be many pages about books for children.

  2. I found a great little book at the library book sale the other day. I bought it with intentions of sending it to Zosia. It is a small book of grey cats with a photo of Winston on the cover. Would love to send it to her but need address.

  3. Do you read Zosia in Polish? I know many interesting “old days” book for 5 years old, possible ones that your wife was reading in her childhood – “Karolcia”, “Oto jest Ola” and other. They are lovely, intelligent, great vocabulary books.
    ‘Nasza Księgarnia’ republished recently series : Masters of Illustrating, with great books of our childhood: Babcia na Jabłoni, Gałka od łóżka (written by Mary Norton, so it must be available in original):

  4. Those Fins sure know how to have fun!

    Chris – thanks! I’ll mail an address.

    Mon, great suggestions, thanks. I read in English but mum reads po polsku so they will for sure be used.

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