Nistelrooy – not offside!

There are quite a few people, mostly with Italian accents, claiming that Holland’s first goal by Ruud van Nistelrooy should be disallowed as he was offside.

There’s a good explanation of why he wasn’t on the Euro 2008 website. If only the Premier League could be as fast and as diligent in explaining their decisions.

There was a link below to a video replay of the goal but YouTube removed it about 5 minutes after I posted it! Spooky! Anyway, from the video you could clearly see the Italian goalkeeper, Gianluigi Bufo-Bufo, the most highly rated goalie in the Telegraph Fantasy Euro Championship at GBP 4.0 million, karate-chopping his own defender who ends up off the pitch in a coma. Bufo, now badly positioned and wondering what damage he’s done to his defender, was unable to get his act together in time to block Nistelrooy’s knock-in. Bufo, in true Italian style then starts pointing at Nistelrooy, presumably just in case the ref wasn’t sure who scored.


Bufo then went on to concede another two goals before the end of the match. Story is that in the dressing room he was claiming that it wasn’t actually him playing that game but his twin brother.

It’s a funny old game.


3 thoughts on “Nistelrooy – not offside!


    You have no idea how thrilling it is for me to have solved this! I am not exactly tech-savvy

    Obviously. So, now all those Brits and Poles I thought were ignoring me can come on over – lurk away.

    You get all the credit as my assist. Definitely not offside, either.

    Thanks for that link and your explanation. I don’t live in Toronto, but I understand there wasn’t much in the way of traffic disruptions on College St in Little Italy last night.

    Bring on Spain and Russia.

  2. I missed Spain/Russia and I’m sorry I did. I have Torres in my fantasy team and I’m wondering why I didn’t pick Villa (although he is in another of my three teams).

    CONGRATULATIONS to Vanessa for getting the link sorted!!! Rah Rah!!

    No excuses for anyone to ignore you now Vanessa.

  3. Ilka time I see “Nistelrooy”, I imagine the man to have long descended from some noble house of Russian НЕ-СТРЕЛЯЙ. Told not to shoot in vain.

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