The Sun hires Polish journalists

God help us!

According to the Grauniad, the British tabloid “newspaper”, The Sun, is hiring Polish journalists to help them release a Polish version during Euro 2008 football championships. Presumably an attempt to offset some of the lost sales from English football fans who have nothing to read about as their team isn’t there.

The article goes on to state that the Daily Mirror, a similar daily rag, might be considering doing the same although they have yet to have a meeting to decide if they are “going to back Poland officially and whether [they will] be putting out a Polish insert”.

The only tip I can give to the Polish journos making the trip is to brush on their headline writing, focussing primarily on sensationalism, insensitivity, jingoism, crudeness and a little humour. Here are a few of the better know headlines from The Sun in the past:

  • Harry the Nazi – Prince Harry at a fancy dress party
  • GOTCHA – during the Falklands war when the Argentinian ship General Belgrano was torpedoed and sunk with a loss of 323 lives (extent not known at time of publication).
  • Swan Bake – claiming that asylum seekers were eating swans. Subsequently picked up by other papers and aimed at immigrants generally.
  • Now they’re after our fish! – a follow up about asylum seekers (also had to be revoked)
  • Zip Me Up Before You Go Go – used when George Michael was arrested for lewd behaviour in a public toilet
  • Freddie Starr ate my hamster – Freddie Starr (minor celebrity), hamster (like a rat but cuter).
  • Urs Hole – harassing Swiss referee Urs Meier after he disallowed an English goal in Euro 2004.
  • From Hitler youth to Papa Ratzi – about Joseph Ratzinger being elected Pope.
  • I’m big in the Bumdestag – about a photo taken of Angela Merkel’s backside.

Any suggestions as to what headlines the Polish journos might come up with? I’m thinking particularly the day after the Germany-Poland match if Miroslav Klose or Lukas Podolski score or the midfielders, Borowski & Trochowski have much of an influence!


20 thoughts on “The Sun hires Polish journalists

  1. It still sounds like tabloids promise more fun. The non-tabloid mag I used to lay my hands on was Woman’s Own.
    The cover page pretty always depicted either some unsuccessful female bricklayer:
    — “I lost 3 stone in 3 months!”

    or a female in a hurry providing recipes for haggis:
    — “Burn fat fast!”

    or a gourmette pondering upon subsequent portions of haggis:
    — “How to stay slim after 30”

    Oh, instead of “Freddie ate my hamster” I would see “Hubbie likes my ham”. Boring boring boing.

  2. Geez,
    Both haggis and cricket may be based on greenery, it seems.

    trying to invent some headline, looking at the picture above:
    “Jewel in my haggis!” (about one unco place to hide engagement ring)
    how am I doing?

  3. Geez, don’t go knocking cricket – see my comment under Polish cricket! It was the backbone of the empire!

  4. Can I just say – Hello to Pinolona’s dad! Are you really Pinolona’s dad or just someone stealing said person’s identity?

    Anyway, welcome to Polandian and thanks for your comments.

  5. A bit of a stretch, P-Daddy ;o)

    And not being admonished not to knock haggis make me think you’re not all that keen on Braveheart.

    And I’ve never been keen on empires.

    But I wish all luck with the expat cricket team in Poland — as long as you celebrate your first victory with many tummies of haggis and many a pint of Innis and Gunn.

  6. Scatts, I really am Pinolona’s dad – I have the strained back from the move home to prove it!
    And Geez, I do have some Scottish blood in me via my father who was, as it happens, a sometime 1st Class cricketer. But as for Braveheart, wasn’t that just Mel Gibson letting his anti-English prejudices show? So whilst I am actually very attached to Scotland and am a frequent visitor to that beautiful country, it is also true that I am not that keen on Braveheart

  7. If I can recall correctly, neither Braveheart nor, say, Rob Roy sported a vision or mention of haggis. Unlike Highlander, the movie with a French American going on about as a Highlander with a Japanese sword plus Sean Connery of the SNP cast as a Spaniard.

  8. That’s because haggises are very hard to spot.

    Harder still to catch.

    You have to go out at dusk.

    Brave indeed is the haggis-catcher… and also well-stocked in insect-repellent…

  9. I have no problem with folks hunting haggises (or is it haggi?) because I have heard that they can be extremely fierce creatures. But I do harbor strong ethical objections to people shooting poor defenseless golf. As far as crickets go, I don’t especially care if they get stepped upon and squished. And I thought Mel Gibson was only prejudiced against Albanians (and maybe Canadians, but that’s completely understandable).

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  11. Does anybody here recall the old movie poster for Wajda’s Danton?

    Very similar to the Beenhakker photo. But I think it was just one head: Robespierre’s.

    Or maybe it was just a widely circulated still photo from the film.

    In any event, I think the idea of the image came from there.

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