Here comes the sun! (and stuff)

If anyone was thinking of visiting Warsaw, now might be a very good time to do so!

Here’s the weather forecast for Warsaw for the next five days:

From what I saw on the TV yesterday, parts of Poland will be getting up to 30C this weekend! Phew, what a scorcher!!

While you’re here you might want to take in the Sinead O’Connor concert on Saturday evening? Or perhaps a concert of film music tomorrow night? I have some snaps of the stage being built but thanks to the total crapness of the new and exciting Adobe Photoshop Express, combined with temporary problems at pBase I am unable to bring them to you right now so here’s a link to the website.

Talking about Sinead O’Connor. Is it just my imagination or is Poland only a destination for ‘B’ or ‘C’ list celebs? I’m talking about international artists of course but when was the last time, if ever, that an ‘A’ list celeb visited Poland or gave a concert here? I mean someone really hot and happening who’s not Polish or being given one of those false awards like – “The entire nation of Poland would like to award Mr Elton John the Order of the Polish Garter”…and so on. Any country can tempt the odd superstar by offering part of the kingdom as a prize, but how many want to come here without the promise of a knighthood?

Seems to me that the stars that do visit here are either has-beens (Sinead) or ever-greens (Stones, and many others). There’s the odd exception, such as George Michael and Sting perhaps, but even they are not exactly topping the hit-parade these days. Here’s George –

8 thoughts on “Here comes the sun! (and stuff)

  1. Metallica was in Katowice yesterday. 60.000 fans from the whole europe were there.

    But you are still right. Too many “has beens” come to Poland… I think that when the new stadium and the 20.000 arena will get built, more stars will come to Warsaw.

    ps: the

    festival in Gdynia is OK, too.

  2. Apparently Celine Dion is playing at Blonia Park in Krakow in June. Does she count?

    And ‘TeamCeline’ members get a 10% discount!

  3. 1996-1999 was when she was ‘A’ list. She’s now officially a has-been trying to make a comeback. Only thing going for her are some nominations for awards – in Canada – so not exactly “happening”.

    In short, no, she doesn’t count! Nice try though.

  4. and the problem is that there are not many “A” stars anymore…

    I mean, do you really want to see Madonna ?

  5. In London on business. Weather dull, overcast. Rained this morning. Bruce Springsteen (59) is playing the Emirates (formerly known as Arsenal) Stadium. No difference, then, on the capital-city-hosts-aging-rock-star story. Bit different on the weather. I miss W-wa Jeziorki and will not be home until Sunday night. At least I can look forward to a bright Monday:-)

  6. Hi Michael,

    The weather was pretty dull in Derbyshire also, last weekend. Hope you enjoy yourself anyway and get home safe. Monday keeps getting hotter and hotter each time I look at the forecast, it now stands at sunny and 25C!

    True about ageing rock stars, but I’d really be very interested in seeing ‘the Boss’ live, pity he didn’t bother coming over here.

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