The “Polandian” Annual General Meeting

As befits any institution of such scale and magnificence as is the collaborative blog “Polandian” it is essential to keep the shareholders happy by convening regular meetings and incurring outrageous expenses.

It was with this purpose then, that a few of the collaborators met up last week at a bar in Warsaw to discuss shoes and ships and sealing-wax, cabbages and kings, why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings. As is to be expected, Pinolona, as the sole representative of the the female race, had the most to say about shoes as well as displaying a surprising amount of inside knowledge on sealing-wax (Leg waxing – related skill? Who knows?). Island, naturally enough proved to be our expert on ships and the temperature of the sea while Datblog held forth at great length on cabbages and kings. As for myself, I rounded off the evening with an in-depth presentation on the pros and cons of flying pigs. One or two other points were raised in the “any other business” part of the meeting.

To our surprise, the paparazzi had followed us to the bar on scooters and a few shots were taken which sold later that evening for six figure sums (0.00001 grosz).

Island, Pinolona, Dat

Pinolona, Scatts

(my face kept deliberately in the dark to protect the lens)

On the expenses front we were a shockingly subdued bunch. With all that Earl Grey, coffee, ungassed water and vegetarian food it looks more like a Quaker gathering than a meeting of some of the toughest, least compromising and yet artistically gifted people on the planet! Dylan Thomas will be turning in his grave. Island was unanimously voted the recipient of the “Hemingway Award” (best performance with alcohol) for dealing with almost every Tyskie that arrived at the table. Unfortunately he lost out on the “Dan Brown award” (most likely to get rich quick) by leaving 60 PLN on the table when his consumption only added up to 45! ;)

The bill

Sadly, two members of the crazy gang could not make the trip. Darthsida was in Louisiana giving a speech on human rights to a bunch of red-necks in white outfits with pointy hats, while Pawel was in Nowy Sopot, Madagascar on Polish colonial business.

More meetings are planned.

6 thoughts on “The “Polandian” Annual General Meeting

  1. Nearly only today did I learn there had actually been the meeting. Boo, boo, I despise gazeta wyborcza’s mail, boo boo, I desire that Earl Grey, never had one for 6 zloty. Which reminds me of how surprised Eddie Murphy was in one of his movies — when he had to pay several bucks for a sheer coke, while for the same amount he could have [censorship].

  2. Scatts it sounds like a scene from our wedding – the TV cameras and Paperazzi really showed up and they were mega pee’d off when we said we did not want to be on TV…they could not understand it – of course our refusal made the matter worse and we were pursued for some time afterwards, they even made inquiries at the hairdressers, spa, coach company, caterer, etc…..Opole had seen nothing like it.

    Darth – the earl grey was very refreshing – Island many thanks for the pleasure of paying…or was it pain?

  3. Nice to see the faces behind the work… no surprise that Island demonstrated his English public school training in the area of drinks…

    off to Ethiopia next week for a year where blogs, skype and other forms of communication are sometimes a no go.

  4. Mocha: Are you suggesting I went to a public school!? I may have to ask you to step outside for that kind of slander… although I might wait until your safely thousands of miles away in Africa first now that I remember your background.

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