Nidzica castle

Poland is full of castles. Sadly, not many of them reach the same heights of magnificence, grandeur or romanticism as many of the castles in the UK, or Germany, nor are they well maintained, but there are plenty go at for all those castle hunters out there. Probably the best castle, fortress really, in Poland is at Malbork. In fact, it might be true to say that the best castles in Poland were built by Germans, Teutonics at any rate.

On our winding route back home from Mazury we stopped at the town of Nidzica to visit the castle. One we’ve been to before but it’s sort of okay in a small way and it’s certainly the only reason you’d want to go to Nidzica! :)

As you can read from the link, it is also a place founded by the good old Teutonic Knights back in the days of yore when men liked carrying big swords and the girls wore big dresses and pointy hats. As Polish castles go, this one is fairly well kept and managed and the tour guide was pretty enthusiastic, so a trip is worthwhile if you’re in the area. It’s not far from Malbork if you’re disappointed!

Here’s a few snaps:

On the way in

The front of the “inner bit”

The inner courtyard

Taking the tour

Please note, the guided tours are only available in Polish. Of course. Why would anyone else be interested?

3 thoughts on “Nidzica castle

  1. The moszna castle

    the Książ castle

    and Niedzica

    are quite romantic…

    There are of course some more, but I do not wanna spam your blog ;)

  2. Yes it does, doesn’t it. My first impression when I saw it was “Oh look, what is Wars doing here?”. The only pictures I’ve seen of Wars (as in Wars i Sawa) he looked exactly like that.

    Guest, thanks, they look good. I’ve driven past Niedzica a couple of times and it is quite impressively located.

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