More Moscow photos

As we’re trying to get away to Mazury for the next few days I need to rush a little so I hope you don’t mind if I don’t insert hot-links for the pictures. You can find them all in the Moscow gallery where you can get a larger size.

As the May Day holiday period is here, there were a lot of decorations being erected:

At Pushkin square

and at Red Square

Off to Red Square, here’s a the view with Red Square behind me looking towards Tverskaya and the National Hotel:

Have your photo taken with Lenin and some General

Red Square is a big place!

and a popular place for wedding photos, you see this happening almost every time you’re there

Had to be a shot of St Basil’s, from the back this time

Then time to sit outside GUM at a cafe for pancakes and berries with a view of Lenin and St Basil;

Inside GUM, first time for me, is a massive shopping arcade and here is what the Russians will be wearing when you meet them on holiday this year!

Finally, it’s off back to the stunningly beautiful (inside and out) Sheremtyevo 2 airport for the flight home


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