Hot dog crisis!

Poland’s best known purveyor of hot-dogs (and other fine foods, like klopsiki with chips and brown sauce), Ikea, are to stop development because of a government restriction on the size of hot-dog stands!!!

Apparently, these things cost from €100 million upwards to construct and employ more than 1,000 people! Wow! They must have one hell of a shift system because the maximum I ever see serving hot-dogs is 2 people! Perhaps the others are in the back filling up the ketchup and mustard dispensers?


One thought on “Hot dog crisis!

  1. There must be something else to it…

    Current regulations don’t prevent opening large stores, but produce many obstacles. Apart from the normal bla bla bla like preparing analysis of how the store will influence local market… a store needs to be approved by all sorts of authotiries, including local council, mayor and regional Sejmik.;ustawa;o;hipeemarketach,101,0,266085.html

    Ikea’s decision is strange – do they fear they would be declined before trying? Don’t they want to make money? No reason is a reason good enough to stop making more money, right?

    Maybe they have other reasons? Or maybe they hope current regulations will be lifted (which probably will happen) and they’ll go forward with their plans without the bureaucracy then?

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