Sunday morning at Łazienki park

Zosia and I got back to our usual Sunday morning routine today while mummy slept a little. It normally follows this agenda after leaving the apartment – tunnel car wash, diesel, somewhere for breakfast, Łazienki park. Today, we skipped the first two as the car’s clean enough and fill-ups of diesel are few and far between these days, so we just did breakfast and the park.

It was a beautiful day, sunshine and over 20C but still with a slight chilly edge to the wind. Exactly the sort of weather you get caught out by and as Zosia already has a slight catarrh I erred on the side of caution with the dress code. For most Polish mothers this was still about half as many clothes as would be recommended!

The park was in great shape, full of colour and blooms;

Even the tree fungus was busting out all over;

Then there was the wildlife to contend with. A red squirrel, a nuthatch and a nutter!

Now they have reopened the cafe we were able to take a break for drinks..

..and to join the long queue for the not terribly good ice-cream;

The place was pretty busy with a few coach loads of tourists wandering around. Mind you, I think most of the coaches were full of Poles who had obviously signed up for the “Sunday in Warsaw” outing organised by the local vicar. A lot of them took the boat rides round the lake as they are also back in business;

All in all, a good Sunday morning!

As is the life of a man surrounded by women, the afternoon consisted of shoe buying in Galleria Mokotow. I was too depressed to take any pictures of that! :)

6 thoughts on “Sunday morning at Łazienki park

  1. You have a really beautyful daughter Scatts, and all the fotos of your family are very impressive. I think Zosia will be really proud of you when she gets older and sees all the beautyful photos you took of her.

    ps: Too bad there were no digicams, when we were young….

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