The real thing?

I don’t drink too much of the stuff but I do drink Coca-Cola fairly regularly and I do enjoy it, especially with lots of ice and lots of lemon. I therefore get pretty annoyed when I order a Coke and pay Coke prices but get that brown stuff they squirt of out garden hoses!

Having worked in the fast-food industry I know a fair bit about post-mix soft drinks and whilst there is nothing inherently bad about them it is notoriously difficult, read impossible, to get the things set up properly. They remind me of my second car, a six cylinder twin carb Triumph 2000 that was great when tuned properly but required almost daily tweaking to keep it so! Even if the post-mix is set up properly, it’s still not the same as Coke from a tin or bottle.

I think we should start a grass roots revolutionary movement to make post-mix soft drinks illegal! The more I think about it, the more amazed I am that they have got away with this scam for so long. I mean, it is not what you paid for is it. Coke, the real thing, is what comes out of the bottle/tin and that is simply nothing like what you’re served approximately 80% of the time. As a minimum this stuff should be renamed. Something along the lines of “Crap Coke” would be about right. How would you feel if you ordered a rump steak and got horse meat, or bought a Boss suit and got a Royal Collection one, or clicked on “20 east” and got some other guy’s blog? You’d feel cheated, right? ;)

Don’t even get me started on about Bon Aqua “water”. Water? As far as I can tell, Bon Aqua (was there ever a more unsuitable name for a product?) is a very slightly less bubbly version of the “water” that comes out of the post-mix but without the syrup. Completely disgusting stuff with a ‘mechanical’ aftertaste and yet the power of Coca-Cola marketing and distribution means we have to keep bumping into it in more places ever year. This stuff should just be tipped in the Wisła.

Okay, while I’m here. After all these years in Poland I am still amused and taken slightly aback, when I ask for a “Cola” and am told that they only have Pepsi! Pepsi is a cola, that’s why it’s called Pepsi-Cola! Same as Coke is a cola, as in Coca-Cola and Hoop is a cola (just about), as in Hoop-Cola. Cola is the generic name for all brown drinks that rot your teeth and kill all stomach bugs, not only the name for Coca-Cola.

This is the problem with cultural diversity. Sometimes it’s just stupid! :)


4 thoughts on “The real thing?

  1. apropos water.

    You should visit the “filtry” in Warsaw. It is really interesting.

    You will feel like in a James Bond movie a little bit. ;)

  2. BTW. the “Bon Aqua” didn’t quite sell in Poland, where local brands associated with Polish spas are big. Like Nałęczowianka from the Nałęczów spa or Muszynianka from Muszyna.

    Coca-cola company came up with “Kropla Beskidu”. A “Beskid’s Drop” (no -pings)…

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