All the news that’s fit to print

A few things that struck me during my morning browse.

McDonald’s enjoyed a big rise in profits in 2007. This thanks to “menu additions” and the fact that “Polish customers also welcomed the possibility to pay by credit card.”. How depressing. How much does a McD lunch cost? If I we’re an optimist I’d say I’m witnessing the birth of the world’s first truly cashless society, as it is I just see more being piled onto the Polish debt mountain. There truly is no lower limit now on when to get out the plastic, I see it used for absolutely everything. Do people really not carry enough cash for a McDonalds or a newspaper?

More encouragingly, in the same article I see that Sfinks, who operate the places called “Sphinx” but which I shall forever call “Skunks”, saw their profits drop. These places (I shan’t call them restaurants) annoy me because they have some good locations and are always busy so they look like you should be able to get a decent meal. The prices are low so you might even get a decent and well priced meal. However, on the three occasions we’ve been stupid enough to give in to this urge, we’ve left saying “never again”. It must just be the quality of the food because as I recall the service was okay, the location good, the seating is a little cramped but we can live with that if the food’s good. They just have very below average, boring even, food and so dropping profits seems about right.

Talking about McDonalds. I notice that a chap called “Rympałek” was arrested, again, whilst enjoying a burger at McD’s in Wilanów. It doesn’t actually say McD’s but I know of no other fast food joint down there. Say’s he was “completely surprised” when arrested, I’m sure I would be too, he’s only been out of prison for a year or so after his last 10 year sentence. Perhaps he’s trying to be so bad that he gets sent to prison in the UK where prisons are “so cushy, nobody wants to escape”!

prison cell

Over in Hollywoodland my ghast is flabbered by the news that Wesley Snipes, Mr Blade himself, is to spend three years in jail for tax evasion! How stupid is this? The guy’s got what seems like at least $25 mill stashed in the pockets of his long black coat and yet he can’t be arsed to have someone fill out a tax form for him? He’s not even living in a place where the tax is burdensome, I mean, 20% maximum on earnings in the millions sounds like one hell of a deal to me. I’d be in there filling out forms, kissing the tax ladies, buying them flowers and everything but for some reason he’s decided to go to jail instead. Is the word “idiot” appropriate here?

I thought the tag-line was most appropriate: IRS – the ultimate collection! Tee Hee.

Talking about movies. The Torygraph have looked at the upcoming blockbuster releases.

  • IRON MAN – Latest in a long, and slightly tedious, line of films from comic books. The “return” of Robert Downey Jnr from his “sex, drugs & rock and roll” years is something I’m interested in seeing though.
  • INDIANA JONES – THE SEARCH FOR A ZIMMER FRAME – Not sure what to think about this. I would very warmly welcome a state-of-the-art Indiana Jones movie but methinks Harrison is past his sell-by date.
  • SEX & THE CITY – Will certainly be a big hit with erindoors and be full of those ibook moments such as “So, does a sex in the city movie mean that we have to endure more plugs for Manolo Blahnik??”
  • THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA – PRINCE CASPIAN – Well now, this one should actually be a good movie. Only gripe here is that Zosia is slightly too young for it and will find some scenes a bit scary. Also that it will be dubbed and not napisy. We’ll probably go anyway though.
  • WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS – Never heard of it. But I’m looking forward to seeing the other Vegas movie being advertised right now – 21.

2 thoughts on “All the news that’s fit to print

  1. I love Vegas movies and looking forward to seeeing both although I heard 21 got bad reviews. I love Robert Downey movies so might catch that one (Ironman) The rest I think I’ll wait to hit DVD. Non out yet here except for 21.

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