Zlota 44 – April 23rd

Well, Zlota 44 fans, this is where the action stood as of yesterday! Big hole in the middle, literally tons of metal bars being knitted together, another part of the crane lying around.


As you can see, no sign of any concrete yet. They just keep throwing people into the maze of reinforcement rods and hoping a few of them come out again. It really is one hell of a lot of metal being laid down and must be a bardzo tricky job to work out where they have got to and where the next piece is supposed to fit. Rather them than me!


UPDATE 25TH APRIL – They started pumping concrete today. One very large pump reaching all the way from Ul Zlota to the back of the site and another smaller one at the front. That would make sense as it seems both these “pads” are going to be used as the foundations for the two large cranes that are supposed arrive at the end of next week.


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