Darth graffiti

Well that’s what I thought it was!

With lines like;

  • It is embarrassing to be caught and killed for stupid reasons
  • Silly holes in people are for breeding or are from shooting
  • It’s fun to walk carelessly in a death zone

Aye, aye, I thought. Our own dear Darth has been down here at the Warsaw Museum of Modern Art carving his next post into the granite benches lining the pathway outside!

Sadly I was mistaken. An opportunity missed for Darth as the lines are from the “Survival Series” by American conceptual artist, Jenny Holzer. I’m not sure who carved them on the benches though. Perhaps that was Darth?

In case you don’t believe me:


There are others.


These were spotted while on the #1 best ever Warsaw walk, which can be found at 20 east

One thought on “Darth graffiti

  1. Lol. But how could that be any Darth’s doing?
    A Sith sense of humour usually takes dead bodies strewn around it.

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