I enjoy the very odd, very small flutter and had an urge today to place a bet on my team, West Ham United, losing today’s match at home to Derby. Derby are by far the worst team in the Premier League this season but my team are playing horribly also and it would be entirely natural for us to lose today.

The odds on us winning were 1.45 on “Betfair” versus something like 8.0 on Derby winning.

I’ve not been able to place any bet because Betfair’s account opening system did not give me the choice of PLN as a currency and so I chose GBP versus EUR. It opened the account and then told me that for GBP I must use a UK card!! It went on to tell me it was impossible to change the currency.

I’ve written to them explaining what I think of their account opening screens and either they will change it to EUR or cancel the thing! In either case, it will be too late for me to make a mint out of my team losing today. :(

Does anyone have experience of on-line betting? Are Betfair okay?


Come on you Irons!!

EDIT – Saved myself some money today, we won 2-1. Amazing! He works in mysterious ways.

EDIT 2 – They suggested to add funds via Paypal. Checking their site again I find that Poland is not a country on the list of places from where Paypal payments are accepted. Forget my question about whether Betfair are any good. They have now crossed the line separating people who might get my business from those who for sure will not!

One thought on “Betting

  1. The only on line gambling I do is play Slots in games or Video Poker. I do just as bad on line as in real life at the casinos. :(

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