Zlota 44 – April 08

The last update was about a month ago when they were wallowing around in mud and slush. They have been quite busy since then, I counted nearly 70 people on site the other day, and here is how it looked on Monday 14th April:


As you can see, it looks like they have finished digging the deeper “pile” foundations. They have created a base for the tower crane to stand on and are busy laying tons of reinforcing rods to be incorporated into a new concrete slab to be laid on top of what remains of the old basement slab.

The on-site concrete mixer is gone and they have been pumping it in since then.

The “hole” in the middle has progressed significantly this week since I took this picture and is now probably around 5m deep. Here’s a closer view:


I’m not certain what this is but my guess is that this is the bottom of what will be the lift shaft running up the whole building. So, when the place is in occupation, this hole is not somewhere you want to end up!

I suppose the next step is to pour an awful lot of concrete over all the reinforcement they are laying. It’s possible they may do this over the weekend because of all the trucks coming and going, in which case I’ll miss it. Then again, perhaps next week is more realistic.


2 thoughts on “Zlota 44 – April 08

  1. My ex was an iron worker in NYC and worked on a few of the big ones. (I don’t think Twin Towers was one of them even though he said he did after it came down) It amazes me how those things go up and you get to watch first hand. Mostly American Indians are iron with no fear and plenty fire water. What about Poland.

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