Prague spring

Spring has arrived in Prague, looks like they are about 2-3 weeks ahead of Warsaw in terms of green stuff.

Once again there was limited time between the business meetings but I got a few shots. Weather was mixed but there was some nice sunshine at times.

I’m always surprised at how nice the centre of Prague is to walk around, or would be if you could remove the hoards of tourists! It is perhaps the most tourist friendly city I know and packs a lot into a small area making it easy to see everything from a series of walks from your hotel. If you need to see it all in one day though, you need to be prepared for aching feet by the end of it.

But that’s the curse, isn’t it. It’s so beautiful and convenient, combine that with cheap flights and you’ve got a nice city spoilt by the number of visitors. I’ve not seen Prague at the height of the tourist season, must be complete madness! I couldn’t help noticing the evidence of the plague of lads/lassies drunken weekends away as I spent far too long dodging the vomit stains on the pavements.

Warsaw is not pretty, nor convenient and so it’s not full of tourists. I like it that way!

The drive in from the airport got me wondering about tarmac, again. How did other cities, like Prague, manage to lay flat roads without pot-holes and ruts and Warsaw did not? There’s no question it is to do with the construction of the roads, not the traffic on them, so I assume this was one of those corrupt rip-offs where someone got rich and Warsaw got shitty tarmac!

I stayed at the Intercontinental, don’tcha know, but to be honest even at the corporate rate (for some reason always more expensive than if you just called them up on the spur of the moment!!) of €235 / night and an “upgrade” to a superior room, the view of the giant metronome on the hill from the bedroom window was not enough to compensate for the high price.

I’ve not yet stayed in Prague with the family, but we need to do that soon. I’ve noticed a couple of hotels during my wanderings that are on my list of places to try out when we do go there, thought they might be of interest to you too:

The IronGate Hotel & Suites is a very short walk from the old town square and just about every other main attraction. It looked good enough for me to walk in and get a brochure and it seems you can get a deluxe suite for the same price as an Intercon box. It has a very nice courtyard for breakfast or coffee.

Another one is the U Zlatych Nuzek, which is located on the island between the castle hill and the old town square ‘under’ Charles Bridge’ so to speak. It’s an ideal location to hit one side one day and the other the next and I was tempted to investigate it by the power of my aching feet having attempted to do everything in half a day!

So. Here a couple more snaps from this visit, you can find these and more more in the gallery.


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