Funny what you find when you’re sloshing around on the internet. For example, did you know that Dave Brubeck played an improvisational piece called “dziękuje” when collecting a State Department award for promoting America with overseas concerts, including Poland?

He composed the tune in memory of his mother’s love of Chopin.

I’m not a huge jazz fan, nor am I particularly well educated in that area, but I do know that I really like Brubeck so it’s nice to have a link between him and Poland. Wish I’d been a bit older at the time and here in ’71 for the concert (as long as they let me out again, eh?!) ;) His mother studied piano in England, so yet another link between me and my jazz-hero.

I’ve only got perhaps 20 jazz CDs but half of them must be his. I notice here that his music employs unusual time signatures, that may be so, but his stuff is considerably more approachable than much of the jazz people try to impress me with. Half of it sounds like someone just threw the entire band down a very long staircase!

Is there really anything great in that “headache” jazz, or is it just all intellectual musical snobbery? You know, the king’s got no clothes kind of thing?


5 thoughts on “Brubeck

  1. Aha! That is actually an old friend with a new blog. You will notice some similarities between his office location and mine. :)

    Welcome to blogdom, Mike!

  2. Dat – I have “Pasodoble” with Lars Danielsson but I will buy more.

    guest – not as far as I know but it’s hard to tell. Is it ?!?!

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