Okay, now I really do feel stupid

By way of wishing this blog had an “ongoing saga”

April came.

And so did the original language.


Sign up oh ye of little faith.

Just don’t do it via their head office.

Find a little dealer who does business out of a cardboard box down a dark alley because he’ll get you all the kit in about 5 minutes versus the 2 months it took me.



The guy who installed was great. Did everything really fast – dish, cable, connections, set-up, moving Aster City to other room. It all works and cost only 280 PLN. I was generous and bunged him 300. 


One thought on “Okay, now I really do feel stupid

  1. Hi there,

    I can speak from experience as my mother lives in Eastern Europe, and I am the “expert” (in her eyes anyway, as I used to be a satellite installer), and have set up a system for her, and also an identical system for myself here in the UK.

    if you want BBC Prime again, then I heartily recommend you forget Polsat, and buy this box which is advertised on Ebay.


    Basically you just connect it to a cheap dish, and never worry about cable again. This is how she watches BBC Prime and a load of other French, Polish etc channels, news channels, Eurosport, MTV/VH1, Boomerang… well there are hundreds inc. a few saucy ones too! And you don’t have to bother about subscriptions.

    -Duncan Hill

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