Moscow pictures (Canon G9)

Moscow was actually quite bearable for a change. Nothing went horribly wrong. Flights on time. Airport not crowded, queues manageable. Hotel very nice. Business went as expected. I didn’t get lost, stuck, mugged or kidnapped. No terrorist action. Nice weather. Must be something wrong.

The trip was mostly business but I got these as I walked along:

The ‘Golden Apple’ Hotel

Gasheka Street (not a famous one but one I’ve spent a fair bit of time in)

Vladimir Mayakovsky at the junction of Tverskaya street (foreground, left-right) and the Garden Ring (underneath, front-back).

and his Metro station (much nicer from the inside)

Blue onions

and the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Lastly, a shot inside Sheremetyevo waiting for check in to open

This airport was opened the same year I was born but I think I’m wearing better than it is! I’ll get some shots outside next time because they are building a new terminal and a rail link to the city.

Originals of all pictures, bigger sizes, can be found in my Moscow gallery.


3 thoughts on “Moscow pictures (Canon G9)

  1. Thanks for posting these. I never expected the city to be so nice. Everything I have ever heard or seen was dark, dirty , dreary and that has always been my vision of communist countries. Thank you for enlightening me.

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