The Spiderwick Chronicles

We watched this film today, dubbed in Polish, at Cinema City, Arkadia. It is rated PG for a few scary monsters, straszny music and stuff. Zosia (5) was scared for about half the movie but only in that “I’m scared but I’m still watching” kind of way.

Boiled down plot is – mother and three kids move into old family home in the woods. They find out that the surrounding woods are filled with goblins, elves, sprites, large ugly frog-pirate things, one medium-sized sort of helpful pig thing and one gigantic bad guy. An ancestor of the family wrote a book about all this stuff and everyone wants to get their hands on it. He went off with the sprites many years ago leaving his 6yr old daughter alone. His daughter is now 80 odd and living in a home. The house is protected by a circle of mushrooms. There’s a nice goblin lives in the house. The rest, predominantly bad guys, can’t get in. They lose a few pages of the book, the bad guys kill the mushrooms, all hell breaks loose. Large explosion of tomato ketchup. The good guys win. Father and 80 yr old are reunited. Everyone lives happily ever after.

I’d say it is one of the better family films we’ve seen for a while and kept us all interested for 100 minutes or so. Worth watching.

Other, not as good, films we watched on DVD recently:

The Holiday – typical Hollywood rom-com. Okay for what it is.

Black Dahlia – spent too much time trying to be a ‘film noir’ and not enough time being an interesting film. There’s a story behind this famous murder but it didn’t really come out.

Click! – I think we actually stopped watching this before the end. Rubbish.

Katyń – Worth watching but better if you read up on the history first and get a copy of the DVD that does actually have English subtitles! Same atmosphere as most war movies.

Man of the Year – Too American. Okay if you’ve got no cleaning or ironing to do.

Evan Almighty – Well, it was one to watch last Sunday with Zosia and it had a lot of animals in it. Not as bad as billed, but not worth going out of your way for.


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