Furniture & equipment upgrade

We’re getting, have got, to that point where we really should be replacing a lot of stuff in the apartment because it either doesn’t work, or doesn’t do things we want it to do – i.e. hold more books. The trouble is that it all comes at the same time and so it becomes a pretty daunting list, and cost.

We for sure need a new bed for ourselves because it’s broken, the mattress keeps slipping off the frame. Of course, with the bed will come side tables and a cupboard because they currently all match. We need a new washing machine because it’s looking pretty nasty nowadays and isn’t washing as well as it used to. We need a bed for Zosia because she’s longer than she used to be. She needs a new desk because shes doing more desk work. She needs a bigger wardrobe because the clothes are bigger. The cheap desk on which I write this drivel needs to be upgraded to something more substantial. The lounge TV really should be a HD LCD type, especially now we finally have the HD decoder. The thing on which the TV stands will then need to be bigger and ideally have tons of space under for DVDs. Also in the lounge, we have three bookshelves, all about 1.5m square. These are all full to overflowing and not as stable as I’d like. The bench in the hall is naff and always has been, so that needs sorting. The sofa and chairs are, thankfully, still doing okay after being recovered. The dining table and chairs will also wait although we really need to be able to seat more people. Otherwise, we’re good.

Almost everything that needs replacing, apart from the TV & pralka, was from Ikea about 8 years ago. Ikea is Chinese food, or chewing gum. It’s a quick fix but ultimately not substantial or satisfying in the long term. So this time around we’re looking for something more substantial and that means more expensive. I hate to think what the total is of all those items but it is for sure going to have to done in stages!

We’ve visited a few meble shops recently and the range of styles and prices is staggering. We’ve given up on places like Almi Decor who have some nice stuff but want to charge you 7-10,000 PLN for a large bookcase. These, as well as the TV stand, the bench replacement and other items are probably all going to come from the Indian furniture warehouse in Wiązowna which has a great range of large old furniture and better prices. A large bookcase with carvings or painted decoration is around 4,000 PLN, roughly half of Almi Decor’s price for the same volume of book storage. They don’t have good beds though so that looks like it needs to come from a normal shop. They do have, for anyone interested, a massive “throne” made from silver plate and upholstery, yours for only 190,000 PLN. Yes, that’s over 40,000 quid for a chair!

We checked out the antiques market at Bronisze today. Some interesting stuff but not our style, too bulky in an Old Polish kind of way. There were a few nice 50’s style pieces (probably 70’s in Poland) and that will all be very fashionable soon but again, not what we want. The biggest annoyance at Bronisze is that there are no prices displayed on anything and so the whole thing is one big haggle. I loved a couple of the larger pieces, heavy dark wood with deep carvings of forest / hunting scenes but I have to believe they will set you back at least 10,000. Some nice porcelain and silver too, but we’re not really into used crockery and utensils.

We’ll keep looking but the plan is starting to take shape and when we have some money to spend we at least know which shops to go to.


4 thoughts on “Furniture & equipment upgrade

  1. We found shopping for furniture a frustrating experience. Everything we liked was for stupid amounts of money. Everything else was very tacky, very nouveau riche and very ugly. There are no middle-of-the-road shops for us. So, we Ikea’d many things and are quite happy with them. But, you know, it’d be nice to have solid wood shelves that aren’t pine. *sigh*

  2. Scatts, please drop me a word when you find your under-telly stand. As high as possible. Have been looking for one myself for the third month, but to no avail. Don’t they make those things at all!?

    Since I can’t find an under-telly, I won’t buy a tv set to stand on it, so I won’t buy a dvd, and I won’t buy a sat dish, and I won’t make holes for cables through the walls, and I won’t remove the wardrobes, the new ones, which, needless to say, I can’t buy yet, waiting for the under-telly. Never thought so much can depend on one damn piece of furniture.

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