Fiasco – a complete and ignominious failure.

Yes folks, I predict a new phrase will be entering the English language pretty soon – “It was a complete T5!”.

Despite the advertised months of testing everything, the things not working so far include – lifts, phones, tannoys and of course the baggage system from the get-go. Getting on for over 200 flights will be cancelled, possibly a lot more as there seems no end in sight.

Against this, the problems with Warsaw’s new terminal pale into insignificance.


5 thoughts on “Fiasco – a complete and ignominious failure.

  1. well I hope this is fixed in a months when I catch my BA flight back to the States…

    Hey looks like I will get the Cannon S5 upon return. Looks like dusty Africa next for me so have been advised against SLR types and dealing with lens’s. Comments?

  2. mocha,

    I’m sure they will sort it all out by the time you fly, just a pity they didn’t get it right before they opened for business.

    I take it you’ll be buying the S5 in the States? Far cheaper over there. I don’t know the camera myself but it looks like it is amongst the best in that type of ‘super-zoom’ compact camera.

    These people do good reviews –

    I would agree with avoiding SLR in dusty climate assuming you’re just taking “holiday snaps” and don’t need the extra quality you can get from SLR. Having said that, even if you get some dirt on the sensor, it is possible to clean them or to remove the spots on the image in post processing.

    Perhaps take one of those air brushes with you because even the compact will get dust on the outside of the lens.

    Enjoy your trips!

  3. Scatts I actually read this exact review a couple days ago. I just held the S5 at a shop here in Jerusalem. I am sold… but not until I get to the States for sure. Air brush is a good idea and used to have one in my SLR kit.

    Cheers to T5 being fixed in 3 weeks!! (lets hope)

  4. Yes been here since first week of January and leave again in a few weeks. Sales tax is 15% here so even though can get back will wait for the States to hit a good discount store.

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