Binge & kill

I’ve written about the UK’s teenage drink problem before but I have to step in again. The media stories just keep on coming and I wonder just where this is going to end. More so, I wonder when the UK is going to actually do something about it, rather than just report after the event?

This article reports on some of the actual figures involved. The quantity of drink being put away is staggering, if true. Children of 15 & 16 years age are putting away an average of a bottle of wine a week or a pint of beer every other day! I don’t drink anything close to that amount today and even when I was in my prime drinking days I probably only came close to that but that was when I was at least 5 years older than these guys and I wasn’t inclined to kill people for fun afterwards.

I find this statement staggering:

“Sadly, there is still practically no information publicly available on what is a safe amount of alcohol for children to consume or on how parents can best moderate their children’s drinking.

This says it all about how far into the mire the UK seems to have slipped. The country is now so used to having the government or some health & safety body set the rules for them, that they are unable to work it out for themselves. What is a safe amount for children to drink? Well, first of all, if they are under the legal age for drinking alcohol then I guess the answer is none! That would apply to all these 15-16 year olds unless they are sitting in a restaurant area with their parents, which I suspect they are not. And if the children are old enough to drink, I think the answer to when to stop drinking is “sometime before you start feeling like killing someone”. I mean, what happened to self control? What is going on in these kid’s minds that they have to drink without stopping? Surely they know the effect it is having on them and yet they choose to keep going regardless.

Here is a short guide to the slightly complicated rules, but essentially 18 is the age when you can drink. It seems though, that whatever the rules might be, they are being disregarded every day, big time, both by the children and by those selling the alcohol.

As for the second part – no information available on how parents can best moderate their children’s drinking. I really am speechless. They need information to be made available to enable them to raise a child who is not a binge drinking killer? What, like a guide book, the “Dummies Guide to Raising Kids who don’t binge & kill”?

“Without a clear message that under-age drunkenness will not be tolerated, we will continue to see the high levels of alcohol bingeing and related violence identified in this study.”

No shit! I wonder who’s job that is? Presumably we’re all waiting for the appropriate government body to tell us what to do, are we?

How many innocent goths have to die, how many screwdriver stabbings, how many fathers kicked to death before someone eventually decides that enough is enough?


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