Sunday with the same camera (part deux)

After checking out the ‘hood’, we headed back to the park. First stop was some nosh at the ‘Kostancja’ restaurant (hotel). See how hungry they are, positively running up the driveway!


We’ve been eating here for years now but we realised it had been a while since our last visit when we were told that what we thought was a recent renovation had actually been carried out 18 months ago! Fortunately, they hadn’t renovated the chef so the food was just as good as before but it looks like they have dropped their prices. We had more than enough food and drink for the three of us for a total of 135 PLN.

After “lunner” we headed for the tęznia. For those who don’t know what that is, and that will be almost all of you, I’ll try to explain. Bottom line, a tęznia (I’ve seen it translated as a ‘graduation tower’ but that means absolutely nothing to me) is a place you can go and breath very good (ionised?) air. Air that aids recuperation and general well being.

It is a wooden structure with walls built a little like large compartmentalised warehouse shelves. These compartments are filled with twigs, I’m told blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) is popular but I have no idea why.

Water is then dripped down over the twigs from the top of the structure, being collected and recirculated when it reaches the bottom. It is the process of evaporation of the water on its way down that creates the healthy micro-climate around these structures.

This one in Kostancin, is built in the shape of a race track and the airflow is helped by two mechanical sprays inside the track, one at each end. Yesterday, we were unable to take advantage of the healing air whatsit because it was undergoing renovation, having new entrance canopies installed and other odd bits of woodworkery.

93968905 93968909 93968907

Just by way of contrast, here’s a shot of the MUCH larger ones to be found in Ciechocinek;

Having by now had enough of trying to be healthy, we headed for the candy floss man!


On our way around the park, we noticed the amphitheatre is being rebuilt, by a main contractor called FARTEX! Not sure why I find that amusing, I just do.


5 thoughts on “Sunday with the same camera (part deux)

  1. Hi there,
    I discovered your blog over the weekend and haver spent many happy minutes (!) reading up on your experiences in Warsaw. Since I will likely never make it that part of the world it has been interesting reading your experiences. And seeing your pics.

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