Bribery + robbery + unemployment + no internet + no foreigners + no abortions = quite happy

Never seen this NationMaster site before but it is a veritable mine of information and given the direction of some of the posts on here, might be helpful.

I’m sure what it has to offer comes under the same general rule as all statistics but you’ve got to start an argument somewhere! ;)

If it’s TRUTH you want, you need to go 20 east.

7 thoughts on “Źródło

  1. Paweł, gee, thanks. I think so.

    And Scatts:
    Personally, I’ve known that Nationmaster for a time. [Referred to its resources here, for instance.] While the site is acceptable when offering stats, it’s a loser when it comes to descriptions. The very first sentence “Poland is an ancient nation that was conceived near the middle of the 10th century” is so absurd (read: lying) that I didn’t care to read any further.

  2. They give the source at the bottom. For bribery & robbery it is from “UNICRI (United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute). 2002. Correspondence on data on crime victims. March. Turin.”.

    For the UK and Poland to change places on robbery would not take a big shift but on bribery there was a huge difference.

    As you say, the murder figures are from between 1998-2000. Be interested to see up to date figures for “Murders by youths”.

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