Back, but….


Back safe & sound but we’re working through a few domestic issues! Zosia has developed chickenpox (ospa) so the in-laws had to return from their holiday early. We arrived at our apartment late last night after 18 hrs traveling to find the redecoration (remont) had left us with not a single usable room in sight. We had a cuppa picked up the bags again and left for a hotel. We’re now moved into the in-laws place which is beginning to resemble a refugee camp for the sick and homeless. :(

Will have plenty to write about the trip when we’re back at home and not on laptop with “blueconnect”. Plenty of pictures as well when I can download and play with them. Quite a few are of the amazing Burj Dubai, which we were staying right next door to during our stay.

I’ll go catch up with comments now.


2 thoughts on “Back, but….

  1. Delightful to have you all back – looking forward to hearing and seeing all :)

    Do hope Zosia gets well soon poor dear – must be careful not to scratch those itches though – my dear wife still has a dimple on her nose from when she had those dreaded spots and couldn’t stop herself from scratching.

  2. Ditto to all of AdtheLad’s post here too. Will hope you live through this without too much inconvenience. Think of all the writng material you are aquiring. Now to update my virus protection….LOL

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