Talking about cars

I quite fancy one of these;


the Land Rover LRX. Problem is that it is a “concept car” and therefore the odds are that it will either never appear or if it does, it will look nothing like this! :(

Oh, and for all you Eco-boys and girls it is said to be very nice to flowers and old ladies.

EDIT (Jan 2014) – I guess this became the Range Rover Evoque? Coincidentally, I could have ordered one as the new company car very recently but instead went for another Volvo XC60 instead. The Evoque is a girls car and with way too small a small back window.


4 thoughts on “Talking about cars

  1. Ian, you lucky man you, you’re an aquarian like me!!
    Many happy returns matey!! Nich żyje, żyje nam!!

    But like I said in my mail – Land Rover Defender would be best or at a pinch a nice Range Rover if you need to be flash. The British are masters of understatement and the two aforementioned carriages seperate the men from the boys – the Hummer and this ‘concept’ look a bit blingy and dare I say it “American’t”.

  2. Ad, the last one it wasn’t a Hummer by the way, it was a Jeep Commander.

    I see more ‘bling’ in Warsaw driving Range Rovers than anything else. The RR (or possibly the Cayenne) is THE bling machine for Varsovians these days. You need to get into town more often! :)

    Thanks for the stolat!

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