Złota 44

From my desk I have a bird’s eye view of the construction of the latest shining new tower to hit the Warsaw skyline, known as Złota 44. Seen here (artists impression) to the left of the very square Intercontinental:


Just to keep you up to date with progress, this is how far they have got:



9 thoughts on “Złota 44

  1. Nice view you have out there. Is that Złote Tarasy the building where you’re office is in? Gosh finally they made it to let the office space, the banner had been hanging out there for months.

    Don’t forget to mention who designed Złota 44 – one of your fellow Englishmen Norman Foster.

  2. It is Złote Tarasy and it is finally being used as an office building.

    The architect is actually Daniel Libeskind, head office in New York. Norm did the ‘Metropolitan’ building on Piłsudski square.

  3. I looked, very similar! We also have something close to those hole-in-the-pavement fountains at Arkadia shopping centre. Obviously a good fountain salesman around here somewhere!

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