On my way out of the Złote Tarasy car park yesterday I saw no less than four, that’s 4, of these (and it’s a small car park)


and on the way home from the car park I passed three, that’s 3, of these


Given that these are amongst my favourite cars, it’s pretty annoying to see that half of Warsaw is driving them and I’m not! Don’t let anyone tell you people in Poland are poor! :)

As the Porsches are so common now, I’m just going to have to stick with my original first choice which is the Aston Martin DBS and something I’ve never seen over here.


I suppose I’ll have to get something like this as well, just to do the shopping in!



5 thoughts on “Temptation

  1. Cars that are either big, fast or post are all wank. Depreciate faster than a falling piano, blast through the world’s proven oil reserves, tempt you to drive like a savage – for why?

    Ian – save the cash – buy property. You know it makes sense. It may not impress the guy who’s pulled up alongside you at the traffic lights – but do you really care?

  2. I’m with PP on the walking bit – I averaged 2000 km’s in the car last year – mainly from Warsaw to Opole – it sits in the garage depreciating in value – I also have a Morgan in Holland but that’s just a passion.

    There is a Bentley Continental sitting at one of my neighbours plus an Aston Martin DB7, no idea who the owner is though, they haven’t invited us round, mean bastxxxs

  3. You see, this is the problem. “Sustainability” becomes fashionable and suddenly everyone is jumping on the bandwagon!

    I’ll chose to not take a few business flights for those oh so important conferences and save enough carbon to run a decent car until I die and give all my carbon back.

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