Cats & dogs

Here’s the question – is it true that someone is either a cat person

nelson b

or a dog person?

Benson & Hedges

The cat is (was, to be precise), Winston, a British Blue. He was the last cat we had but he sadly died after being with us for less than a year with an incurable disease he almost certainly had when we bought him (for 1,700 PLN thank you very much!).  Since then we’ve been deciding what to do next.

The dogs, Rottweilers (Aghhh, killer dogs!), pictured with a younger, UK based, me were called Benson & Hedges. They were a lot of fun up to the point the tabloids decided they were killers and then it all got a bit silly. In thinking about a dog now, we’d be more in the small/medium and cuddly range, a bit like my sister’s dog, Boo:

Boo (my sister's dog)

But what to get, another cat, or a dog? I think we need to get something because we both believe that a family is better with a pet around the place. Cats are much easier to handle, don’t need walking, but, in my opinion at least, you get a lot more back from a dog. Marta is for a cat, I’m for a dog, Zosia is for both.

Fourteen things about each:


  1. Boring
  2. Anti-social
  3. If they are intelligent they don’t show it off much
  4. Easy to deal with
  5. Cute & furry
  6. Death-prone (in our house)
  7. Not cheap, for a pedigree type
  8. Common (i.e. cheap) ones can be psychos (in our experience)
  9. Don’t eat much
  10. Don’t get dirty
  11. Scratch the furniture
  12. Hairs everywhere
  13. Allergy monsters
  14. Piss everywhere


  1. Loads of fun
  2. Listen and talk to you
  3. Cute or butch depending on what you get
  4. Pain in the dupa to deal with – walks/exercise
  5. Dirty
  6. Knock things over
  7. Intelligent and you can measure it
  8. Eat a lot
  9. Can be hairs, depending on type
  10. Probably not cheap either for a good one
  11. Shag everything
  12. Should live a goodly while
  13. Noisy, perhaps
  14. Lots of fun to be with (did I say that already?)

What did I miss?


8 thoughts on “Cats & dogs

  1. Oh Ian when I see and think of poor Winston I am so sad. I like both cats and dogs. My favorite cat is a Siameese, I had a small silver poodle. My niece has a rotweiller very similar to yours (Ramses) Do you believe that he chased my other nieces dog who is the size of a small pony to jump through a window (he is a german shepard) Your lists are all true and accurate for both now to decide which. Why not one of each? :) Okay who is going to walk the dog cause he will be the most needy of the two…walking etc.

  2. Hi Chris,

    One of ours, Benson I think, ran straight through a glass door once! There was blood everywhere because he severed a main artery in his leg. We rushed him to the vet and everything was okay in the end but it was a pretty scary moment.

    Spent the next few months cleaning up blood from the house and car!

  3. both cats and dogs are useless.

    i mean they’re fun to play with when they’re not yours, and you just see them occasionally at a friend’s place:) and you don’t have to take the responsibility for them, go to vet with them, walk them, feed them regularly, bathe them, clean after them etc.

    i can’t be bothered:)

  4. Scatts I was always a ‘dog person’ – cats, no way but then one day about 8 months ago we were walking along a country road and found a 2 week old kitten, we took him home and I was transformed within days – he is intelligent, shows compassion and gives us a lot of pleasure. He sits on my lap whenever I am at my computer. We subsequently bought another one because we felt he needed a ‘friend’. We travel quite a lot and can leave the cats with in-laws but it would be (more) difficult with dogs.

    My in-laws have 2 dogs and 3 cats but live in a forest so they can roam relatively freely.

    When we lived in Paris we lived in an apartment, I’m not sure that’s the best environment for either cats or dogs, they need space! Living in a town and so long as you don’t travel much I would say the fairest is to have cats – but always 2!!

  5. PP – the previous existence also included a bunch of horses. The white head you can see was ‘Oliver’. I’ll add your new personal blog to the list and check it out. As for posting, I think this blog business is a bit of a treadmill, once you’re on you shouldn’t stop.

    Dat, I’m afraid you may be right.

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