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Just a few snippets.

Those Burger King lovers out there will be pleased to hear that I bumped into my old pal Brian Johnston outside their unit in the food court at ZT yesterday. Brian is the guru of BK development for chunks of the world and we used to work together in the old days. He was in Warsaw to take a look at developments so far with the BK Poland franchisee. It was great to catch up and I was even lucky enough to get a free lunch from the management. Anyway, I can tell you that you’ll currently find BK at ZT (Złote Tarasy) and a drive through on Al. Krakowska heading towards Yanki. They either have, or will, open at Yanki and there is one coming in Arkadia soon as well as an opening in Wrocław, home town of the franchisee. Sales are good enough, so at the moment there’s no danger of the brand disappearing again. Out of interest, BK has also opened in Romania and Czech and is on its way to Bulgaria so CEE is fast becoming “Whopper Country”!

Here’s a snap of Brian enjoying the ‘Total Oil’ hospitality tent when we were invited to the German F1 Grand Prix at Hockenheimring in July 1995.

..and here’s the guy who won the race (surprisingly without a clash with Damon Hill) on his way to becoming the youngest two-time F1 champion in history (and then three times, four times, five times….).

G9 fans will be glad to hear that we’re popping off to Dubai soon for a short break. I’ll take only the G9 (and my wife of course!) and should hopefully be able to bore you to death with plenty of pictures when we get back. Here’s some sand, here’s a very big building, here’s some more sand, here’s some money lying in the street, here’s another very big building, here’s some sand, here’s a fancy car……… Can’t wait to get my hands on some Arabic food and mint tea again, been a long time. It will give me a chance to pop into the banks over there and do some investigative journalism about their investments into sub-prime afflicted banks as well. I’m sure I’ll be welcomed. ;)

Birthdays. Hate to mention it but I’m now very close to that day when you suddenly become a year older than you were the day before. I’m going to be extremely close to my half-century so please excuse me if my posts come over all melodramatic.

What’s new with you?

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