Concrete jungle

Warsaw is actually a surprisingly green city, when the season permits, but you wouldn’t get that impression from these views from my office window!

(These were taken with the Sony DSC W100 8 mp we have in the office. As usual, when I have my camera it is dull weather, when I don’t, the sun comes out!)

This angle is about as green as it gets with the small park between the Pałac on the right and Ul Świętokrzyska on the left.

If you’re interested in shots taken from the top of the Pałac and also from the roof of Rondo 1, then you can find some in this gallery.


2 thoughts on “Concrete jungle

  1. Warsaw west of ul. Marszałkowska and north of Al. Jerozolimskie is becoming very modern and cool. Rondo ONZ and Al. Jana Pawła II on a cloudless winter’s day are quite indeed beautiful.

    Ian – worth snapping at night, too!

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