Lazy Christmas dinner

Don’t know about you guys, but we sit here with everything done and ready for our guests wondering if our Turkey dinner from the Intercontinental will turn up on time and, more importantly, if it will be hot and tasty.

We tried this for the first time last year from the Marriott and it went down well, so this is our second attempt at the ultimate in lazy catering. Frankly, one wonders why anyone with 295 PLN to spare would do anything else? The package includes a 5kg roast turkey with stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, Brussels sprouts, red cabbage, honey glazed pumpkin, broccoli & carrot, potato-celeriac puree and sweet potatoes. Also included are two bottles of good Chilean wine. Delivered freshly cooked and hot to our door for free (within 8km). Total cost of 60 squids, 10 squid per head (less if you include the kids)!

We added a couple of cakes, piernik & apple pie, which judging by the price are either going to be very nice, or gigantic. Not long to wait now.

Must dash – guests arrived.

So, an update. The dinner arrived about 15 minutes late, not the end of the world.

Inside was this thing and a whole lot of vegetables:


The food was well cooked and very tasty but if we do this next year we’ll reheat slightly as what heat it had didn’t quite last long enough. The turkey was fine but the veg got cold. Not that it stopped everyone tucking in!

For desert we had these:

90779203 90779202

..and then the tired kids watched a film.

Overall, a success!

The carrion crows picked our kitchen clean of leftovers, of which there were many, so not only did we have Christmas dinner but we fed the outlaws until the new year. Lost a lot of Tupperware as well! ;)


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