Season’s Greetings

Well, the time is nigh for us all to troll off and do whatever we respectively do at this time of year and, whatever it is that you do, I wish you (your family, friends, pets, relatives…) a good time doing it! We shall be in Warsaw for a while and then off to blighty to let Zosia annoy the OAPs! I’ll be in and out of here as time permits, as will you lot!

Be happy, be safe. Peace and goodwill to all & let’s spare a thought for those less fortunate.




To all and everyone who pops by here.

5 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings

  1. Indeed. These school plays are occasions where you *must* take pictures but they are never very good! Too little light, too much movement, nobody paying attention………

  2. Wszystkiego Najlepszego i Spokojnych i Radosnych Świąt!!
    Had to be in Polish – I hope you’re practicing. I expect you to be fluent in the not too distant future :)

  3. Ian….She is still the cutest little angel I ever saw. Wishing you, Marta, and the little angel Zosia the best Christmas ever and a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.


  4. Same to you, Chris! Have yourself a wonderful Holiday season and may 2008 bring you everything you hope for, and more.

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