Swing low, sweet GBP

Don’cha just love exchange rates. I’ve seen the Złote get close to or above 7 to the GBP twice, in 2000 and in 2004. That means in those years something costing 14 quid required me to part with one hundred zlots!

Contrast this with today when I exchanged some money ready for a trip to the UK between Xmas and New year. For each 100 PLN note I gave the “Kantor” (bureau de change) he didn’t give me 14 quid, he gave me a crisp 20 pound note instead. The rate today selling GBP at 4.99 and that’s obviously including the Kantor’s profit, so not the best rate I could get by shopping around no doubt.

Look at it another way (because it makes me smile), comparing the worst rate to the best, that’s over 40% increase in my equivalent in GBP salary by just sitting here. :) Of course, when almost all your costs are in PLN anyway it doesn’t really help a great deal, but it’s a nice thought.

With this exchange rate, massive sales in the UK and the fact that, for the most part, clothes were already good value in the UK compared to (good quality) Warsaw shops – we’ve decided that all those new coats we need to buy are going to be far better bought in the UK than here.

I’m sure 99% of UK citizens would think the opposite – Poland must be far cheaper than the UK. Little do they know.

4 thoughts on “Swing low, sweet GBP

  1. hmmmm.. I’ve been watching the pound value to the zloty drop for the last 9 months as I’ve been funding renovations of my house here using funds from the uk – Ow! the pain – pound has lost over 15% in that time.
    And it doesn’t look like getting any better with a recession looking likely throughout the west. Looks like land over here might still be the best investment.

  2. High water mark of the pound was 7.35 PLN back in February 2004.

    If you go shopping in Lidl in the UK, you will find food and drink prices pretty similar to those in Warsaw.

    Try to beat this: 75cl bottle ot Romanetto Vermouth Rosso, 15% ABV for 2.19 GBP. That’s 19.47 GBP for a litre of pure alcohol. A litre-and-half bottle of Prima Vodka (40% ABV) bought online in Poland works out at 22.29 GBP a litre of pure alcohol.

    Can anyone beat Lidl’s price (in Poland or UK) for the equivalent of a litre of pure alcohol per GBP?

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