Canon G9

For anyone wanting an update on the earlier post about compact versus SLR and the Canon G9.

Sorry! The weather’s awful, the light is 100% grey and we’ve been busy so I’ve not been doing much photography at all with any camera. I can confirm that the battery is awful. The Fuji battery lasted forever in use and you could also leave it lying around for months and come back to the same charge as when you left it. The Canon is pants in use and dies when left. A spare battery should be shipped with the camera. I’m getting the hang of the controls and they are very good. Easy to use and more than enough of them. It has two custom modes in which you can record your favourite settings. I’m certainly going to use these when I’ve got used to the camera. Results so far I have to say are mixed. It has a habit of keeping quality in some parts of the photo at the expense of blowing away other areas that I find annoying. At other times it produces the kind of results I was looking for. The bottom line is that it is still too early to pass judgement.

Here are a few I took recently. Not as examples of great pictures, just examples of pictures with the G9.


10 thoughts on “Canon G9

  1. ich, I can’t agree about flikr being better than pBase. Aside from many other considerations, I don’t like the way it is organised, I don’t like being “part of Yahoo” and, after horrible past experiences, I don’t trust anyone who says they will do all this for me – for free. pBase may not be perfect but it does everything I want very easily and very economically.

    It’s what you get used to I suppose.

  2. Ian
    The photos of Zosia are just excellent – I have been missing these on the forum – by the way I’m falling out a wee with the forum: a new member has come along and already has made about 1000 postings. He has been rude (not in the fun way we always had, but for real) with Pawian, Charles, Kai and others) and when I say rude, I mean rude. I have requested Jaga to block his postings but have had no reply from her on this – although she recently has had an accident that has obviously shaken her up. So keep us up to date with Zosia, and also, by the way, the blog is getting better and better – keep it up.

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