Sad things that happened today

Woken this morning by a call from mama saying that babcia (her mother) passed away at 01:00 this morning. She was taken from the home, where she has been living for a few years, to hospital on Sunday. Initial diagnosis was translated as Hodgkin’s lymphoma and an operation was scheduled for Thursday. She had previously been treated for throat cancer and the trouble seems to have been in the same vicinity. We’re told that she died peacefully in her sleep from stroke/heart attack possibly brought on by difficulties breathing.

From what little I know of her, her life was complex. Born in 1928 she lived through the war in Warsaw, not many people can say that. She saw family members shot and was, aged 16, an active part of the resistance army under the code name “Mrowka” (ant). What happened after that is not clear, but it can’t have been easy. In the short time I knew her she was a somewhat frail but good babcia who was always happy to see us, especially Zosia.

I have to go with my wife tomorrow morning to identify her body. The funeral is on Friday. That’s the second this year as my sister-in-law’s father died in the spring.

Unusually, she liked having her photograph taken.

Babcia Halina (58128455).jpg


R.I.P babciu.


5 thoughts on “Sad things that happened today

  1. Ian, my deepest condolences to you and your family – Babcia’s are very special and as you say she lived through a very troubling time in this country. It always saddens me when my wife’s Babcia tells me the stories of the war, yet at the same time I am heartened by the strength of the people that fought for Poland. I know your family will miss her greatly but remember with fondness the life she led.

  2. Scatts.

    M. and I send our deepest condolences to you and Marta.

    Babcia sounds (and looks) to have been a formidable lady. She is, with out doubt, at the moment sorting things out amongst the Angels and keeping those cherubim in order!

    May she RIP.

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