Funny things that happened today

On the way to work this morning I looked in the rear view mirror and to my great surprise I saw this:


I kid you not! It was missing the dark robe, wearing more lipstick and driving a blue Peugeot van. Either the Dark Lord Palpatine had a sex-change and is alive and well and living in Warsaw or this is something subconscious to do with me recently processing a few snaps from the Star Wars exhibition we visited in London in the summer.

Later today in Carrefour – DO NOT get me started on their produce department – a lady approached me as I was packing my goods. Unaccustomed as I am to strangers starting conversations while checking out, I was not paying attention at first but it soon became clear that she wanted my “stamps”. It seems that in Carrefour these days you get a quantity of little stickers depending on how much you spend. This lady had seen my relatively full trolley and decided I was a good target for stamp-charity. As I usually don’t take such things or give/throw them away I was happy to spread a little happiness. It took a while to pack and it was quite embarrassing as she obviously thought she should try to earn these stamps by passing me bags and commenting on what was going into them. “Oh, I love those biscuits!”, “Nice cheese that.”, “She’s saying the tomato bar-code doesn’t work in her machine.” (the check-out girl was deaf and dumb and was frantically waving the tomatoes at me). Of course, by the time I had walked five hectares and back to get tomatoes that did work, her machine had capitulated and everyone, including stamp lady, was waiting for me to get out of the way. I paid and was duly given a nice collection of stamps which I passed on to stamp lady who promptly started an argument with the deaf/dumb check-out girl because as far as she was concerned I hadn’t been given enough! Can you believe it? The whole scene would have fitted nicely into a sit-com.

She didn’t look poor but it’s hard to tell. Perhaps she was a doctor, university professor or any of the other terribly paid professionals in Warsaw.


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