What the client wanted….

I’m afraid I lost the original graphic that was in this post when moving photos from pBase to Zenfolio but this one gets the same message across and there are many more versions online if you search. Over the years the same graphic has been used to highlight the problems that can occur when a team is not communicating, or not led properly or not asking enough questions of the client. The older versions are aimed at a construction project whereas most of the more modern versions are about technology projects.

89108385EDIT (Jan 2014) found the original graphic – now you have a choice!



4 thoughts on “What the client wanted….

  1. I’ve also been looking for this cartoon, Unfortunately the image is no longer available on Scatt’s message. Where can I get a copy? Any suggestions welcome.

  2. Stewart, the original got lost (see edited post) but I found another that is in some ways even better but is less directly aimed at construction work. Message is the same though.

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