Now where did I put that hat?

Warsaw is basking in the low minuses right now but with the wind we had today it really is time to find all the right equipment. It cut straight through what I was wearing today and prompted a hat search when I got home and even thoughts of buying a new coat. The Hell’s Grannies were out in force today, mohair berets to the fore, looking at me and muttering something nasty under their breath about stupid foreigners, being sick and the winter of 1856.

Seriously cold weather is bearable but the wind-chill (the apparent temperature felt on exposed skin due to the combination of air temperature and wind speed) is a killer.

The temperature today was only around -3C  (25F) but the wind was gusting around 10-15 mph, which takes the apparent temperature down to 13F or -11C! It certainly means that what you wore thinking “not too cold and warming up”, is completely inadequate. I’ve been here when it has been down to -20 to -25, with the same or stronger wind. That’s in the 10 minute frostbite zone and most definitely not the time to take a leak behind the bushes. The same temperatures, without wind and with everything covered with fresh snow and bathed in sunshine can be spectacular and extremely enjoyable. Amazing how a little wind can have such a big impact – as the actress said to the Bishop!

Ignoring wind chill, I have a rule of nose as regards how cold it is. I know when it is ‘seriously’ cold if, when I breath in through my nose, it feels as if everything inside my nose just froze. I suspect that is literally what happens and with my nose, this happens at around -16C.


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