Pumpkin soup

13/11/07 EDIT – my apologies to those who arrived here searching for a recipe, you won’t find one. All I can tell you is that both soups had curry powder, the spicy one more than the mild. There were some beans in there as well as the pumpkin. Feel free to look around anyway and good luck with that recipe hunting!

Thanks go to Iza & Adam who hosted us most excellently this evening. Not only was a delicious pumpkin soup served but there were two varieties – spicy and mild – along with some superb Polish breads and finished off with crumble & custard. Yum!

A convivial atmosphere was guaranteed, especially with the addition of Michael (of W-Wa Jeziorki blog fame – see blogroll) and his son, Eddie. You realise how small a world it is when you find two English language Warsaw bloggers in one place for dinner with mutual friends.

While Iza was slaving away in the kitchen, Adam kindly ‘improved’ and then printed the picture below for us on his massive beast of an industrial photo-printer. Unlike me, he’s gone to the trouble of calibrating his monitor and printer so the final print does look remarkably like what you see below (as opposed to the luminous green I would get) and will be on the wall as soon as I can buy a frame and find some spare wall real estate.

2 thoughts on “Pumpkin soup

  1. I’ll have to ask you and your family over to Ochota to try my wife’s pumpkin soup, which is one of my favourite things. I never had anything approaching it in a restaurant. Poles tend to stick too much cream in and you can’t taste much. The trick is to add potato.

  2. Thanks Davey, I’m sure all those pumpkin soup searchers will appreciate the potato tip.

    Thanks for the invite too. We’ll be round Saturday!


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