The clocks changed yesterday. Thanks to “Spring forward – fall back”, they changed the right way in our house and so it is that I’m here early on Monday morning and have a little light to type by. Every little helps for people who suffer with S.A.D – seasonal affective disorder, such as my wife. I think, to be fair, that almost everyone suffers a little when the long bright warm summer days disappear and are replaced with the dark, cold, greyness that is late autumn & winter. It is just a question of degree as to whether the person is somewhat unhappy or seriously clinically depressed.

Marta, I would say, lies somewhere in the middle of the range. She is more than unhappy but not seriously depressed, although there was one year when it went a tad beyond the norm for her. November and January are the worst months. December being saved by the whole Christmas thing and February by the thought that it’s nearly over. It must be a horrible condition to suffer from because, like hay fever, there’s no end in sight. This is going to happen ever year of your life so all you can do is try to get used to it. I therefore spare a thought this grey Monday morning for all the S.A.D sufferers in the world, best of luck in these coming months, try not to be too hard on those around you & don’t do anything stupid! Try to remember what was achieved by fellow sufferers such as; Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln & Gustav Mahler.

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