Voting day

It’s a beautiful autumn day here today. The sun is shining and the autumnal colours in the foliage are radiant. Bit nippy though, got down to 1C overnight and looks like today’s high won’t get above 9C.

Today is marked by two things. First and foremost it’s my brother-in-law’s 33rd birthday; Happy Birthday Karol!

Secondly, it is the day this country has a chance to tell the idiotic Kaczynski twins what they think of their attempt to run the country in recent years. President Kaczynski is safe, for a while at least as this is not voting for president, just for the parliament (his brother) and it really is time for a change of who runs the country.

So, we’ll be off to the polling booth later today. Marta will vote (I can’t), as usual for the “Civic Platform” as it is translated, PO as they are known over here (I assume she will anyway). This is, however, exactly what happened last time in every major city in Poland but they still lost. Why? Because if you take the population of the top 20 cities in Poland you get to about 12 million. The population of Poland as a whole is 38 million and the current idiots’ agenda of playing the “We’re good Catholics and we hate communists and the EU and gays (including Tinky Winky) and….” card all the time is very appealing to the 26 million farmers living on nothing in tiny villages.

What also helps their cause is that these 26 million can only get TVP television, the equivalent of the BBC, which is quite firmly in government control. The independent channels, primarily TVN & Polsat, which do actually provide more accurate news, are only really viewed in the big cities.

Having said all that. I think (hope) even the farmers have now had enough time to see what a ridiculous circus a Kaczynski led government really is.

My theory is that every new democracy needs time to settle down before it obtains the boring three party left-middle-right system that exists in the UK, for example, nowadays. Although one could say the UK has now matured even further to have middle, middle & middle parties!

The UK Parliament is one of the oldest representative assemblies in the world, having its origins in the mid-13th Century. Poland has been playing with it for what, less than 20 years. They have a long way to go.

Perhaps if we do get the right result, many of those who left the country will come home with renewed optimism about their future in their own country.


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