First post.

Well, the weekend is here and the whole family is back together again after what seems like too long apart. My wife, Marta, had been away for a few days on a psychology training course and, with me being a working man (and therefore not suitable for looking after children under 16), my daughter, Zosia (nearly 5), was staying with babcia (Grandma) most of the time.

Memorable events of the past week. Marta was finally given a proper job at the psycho hospital where she has been working hard for many months as an intern. This means they’ll start paying her, but at approx 400 Eur per month after tax, we won’t be painting the town red. Very pale pink perhaps. Her salary is actually pretty good compared to others in the Polish health system. Whoop-dee-doo! The pay, or lack of, situation for medical staff is, however, a serious issue in Poland and there have been many protests over recent months. Staff at Marta’s hospital are on hunger strike at the moment as a way of protesting. Strangely enough, one of Marta’s first duties as a paid member of staff might be to go on hunger strike for more pay!

I can’t help thinking of the IRA when I hear the words “hunger strike”. Yes, I’m THAT old! Before anyone panics, me included, these hunger strikes are not the kind where you never eat, get sick and die. These are more like two days on, two days off. At the moment at least.

Also, this week saw two members of the family in print, in national newspapers (sort of). Marta gave an interview to the Gazeta Wyborcza about the situation in the hospital and I started as the “Poland Expert” for Guardian Abroad. We tried to get Zosia to write something for My Little Pony Weekly so we could get a full house, but she was too busy making a mess.


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